The Holidays are here!

Make winter travel safe and problem free with a visit to ASG. Having a breakdown or accident can really put a damper on Holiday travel. Let ASG perform a trip inspection on your ride to make sure it will get you where you need to go this winter. Many small issues can easily be remedied before they become something major that can get you stuck, become dangerous, or cost a ton! 

-We have diagnostic equipment that can tell if your battery is getting weak before it leaves you stranded

-Worn tires that work fine on warm, dry pavement may cause all kinds of traction issues when the weather turns.

-That check engine light that has been on forever could be masking a new, more serious issue which could reduce your vehicle’s reliability.

We all know that money tends to be tight around the Holidays. Remember that on average, it costs over 40% less to maintain your vehicle than to wait until something breaks to get it repaired- not to mention that it is easier to take your car to the shop when YOU want to instead of when your broken car forces the issue!

Call or text us to schedule your winter travel inspection today to help ensure you get where you need to be this winter trouble free!

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