Winter Tires

The cold temperatures and wet, snowy, or icy roads you drive on in winter ask a lot of your tires. Are they up to the task?  The tires that worked fine last winter have seen many miles and lots of potholes since then. When was the last time you had them inspected? Your tires are one of the most important things keeping your car moving safely. They affect how well the car stops, turns, and accelerates. They keep your antilock brakes and traction control functioning. Having a blow-out while driving can be a harrowing experience and coming out to your car in the morning only to find a flat tire can be a rough start to your day!

There are 3 main types of car tires: All-Season tires, Summer tires, and Winter tires.

The vast majority of tires on the roads in Indiana are of the All-Season variety. All-Season tires use a rubber compound that is a compromise between long lasting and grippy, resistant to overheating on hot pavement and soft enough to maintain some degree of traction on snowy or icy roads. But, they are just that- a compromise!  With ASG servicing your vehicles you don’t have to compromise anymore.

According to the University of Michigan, Winter tires are not just for snow and ice. Winter tires have better acceleration, braking, and cornering adhesion than all season tires in all conditions below 45°F.  And, on snow and ice, the difference isn’t just noticeable, it is borderline magical. The main benefit of winter tires is in cornering and braking which is why ASG recommends winter tires for your vehicle even if it has front or all wheel drive.

Switching back and forth between winter and summer tires on your factory wheels twice a year may seem like a big hassle, not to mention having to store your unused tires somewhere…  With ASG it’s not! With our winter tire and wheel packages, we will mount your winter tires on less expensive wheels and store them at our shop. When the weather starts to change, give us a call and we can install your winter wheels and tires in just a few minutes while you wait and store your original wheels and tires until Spring. Keep the salt, slush and potholes away from your beautiful factory wheels, and have the peace of mind that winter tires bring, with the ASG winter wheel and tire service. 

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