Certified Ford repair shop for all your car service needs

Nothing is as reliable as a Ford – and your ASG Ford maintenance specialist. Think of this as the ultimate formula for performance, efficiency, and the increased resale value of your car. However, while earning its legendary name as the top-trusted American brand and one of the safest vehicles ever, your ‘workhorse’ won’t give you peace of mind on the road without regular Ford maintenance service.

There’s a Ford for any car enthusiast, family size, and outdoor adventure. And there’s a qualified ASG Ford repair specialist in Indianapolis for every model built within the last decade or earlier. Whatever your concern is, ASG can professionally alleviate it! 

Take the hassle and guesswork out of auto care

Our Ford-related knowledge goes all the way from the most favored ‘good old’ models to fixing technologically advanced vehicles. So, whether you drive a new Explorer or a used Fiesta, having it checked and tuned up at the ASG Ford repair center is the best thing you can do to keep it protected from mechanical failures.

To keep your vehicle looking like new and boost its performance and longevity, we offer:

  • Efficient preventative maintenance
  • The latest diagnostics and testing equipment 
  • Same-day repairs by skilled and certified Ford mechanics
  • Towing arrangements
  • OEM parts
  • Reasonable prices and special rates
  • $20 Enterprise rentals
  • 48-month warranty on repairs

Though engineered with durability and agility in mind, your Ford may have put up with a lot on the road, plus normal wear due to regular use and exposure to the elements. A variety of less obvious but potentially more detrimental issues resulting from this are easy to address when detected early. So, don’t let those come as a surprise and cause your eyebrows to rise because of a hefty Ford car repair bill.

Top-rated Ford repair service with a customer-focused approach

Are you looking for the best mechanic in town who can tell you what’s wrong with your Ford and resolve the issue in a flash? Meet them at ASG. Our technicians are ready to fix all problem areas and complete any routine service to the highest standards. They will guide you through everything to ensure your specific Ford needs and issues are:

  • Accurately identified
  • Thoroughly explained
  • Effectively taken care of

Whether you choose us for a routine oil change or in-depth Ford repair in Indianapolis, our auto professionals won’t have you waiting around for slow work or paying for services you don’t need. Breaking down the costs and recommended processes into the points, steps, and terms you can understand is what makes all the difference in how our customers are treated. This is an official rule at ASG, no matter how basic or extensive your service is.

Rather than just getting the job done and making a quick profit, we focus on providing the most value to Ford owners and helping them save more in the long run. Why not protect your Ford and wallet? Call today to schedule an appointment!