Hybrid car repairs in Indianapolis

Once you purchase a hybrid vehicle, you get an extended power reserve, fuel economy, and flexibility. Yet, you may need to spend more on maintenance and repairs because hybrid cars are more complex and require highly trained specialists to look after them. High voltage charging systems can be dangerous and complicated to fix. Attempting to repair your hybrid yourself can cause more expensive damage and possibly lead to injury.  Instead, let the ASG Automotive team do it for you while relying on our experience in making hybrid vehicle repairs.

ASG Automotive focuses on living up to the status of the best facility for EVs and hybrids in Indianapolis. We are serious about investing in training for our technicians and the latest hardware for the newest vehicles. 


Still think that repairing your hybrid is a costly ordeal? We can give you an estimate today to prove otherwise.

Why should hybrid car repairs be done by professionals?

A typical hybrid vehicle includes a combustion engine that can double as the primary power source or a battery charger. It makes maintenance more complex than for regular cars because of high-voltage cabling that requires an eye for detail when getting under the hood.

If you consider making hybrid vehicle repairs yourself, you have to follow strict guidelines on nearly any job on your set of wheels. Still, by doing it on your own, you risk violating your warranty and jeopardizing hassle-free ownership.

At ASG Automotive, we employ the best specialists who go out of their way to maintain professionalism. Hybrid auto repairs are complex and easy to perform incorrectly if you are unfamiliar with the systems involved. Keep your vehicle’s warranties intact and keep your hands clean by letting ASG Automotive take care of your hybrid.

Hybrid repair shop near me for battery and other issues

Hybrids are usually more reliable than regular cars. They are better engineered than less expensive vehicles, and their drive quality and price reflect that. Given that, if you own a hybrid, the services you need to keep it tuned up, efficiently running, and ‘healthy’ can be less expensive than for conventional cars. However, you should still go with professionals to look after your set of wheels. 

While overall hybrid repair costs can be significant, our customer service and professional technicians provide incredible value. We service various brands of hybrids, older and newer models, and minor and major issues, including:

  • Underperforming engine or electric motor
  • Emission system issues
  • Inefficient driving
  • Malfunctioning electronic systems/sensors
  • Worn-out suspension system
  • Failure-prone catalytic converters

ASG Automotive is ready to handle all hybrid issues. Dial (317) 826-2906 to talk to one of our caring service advisors and discuss when you can get your hybrid to our facility.