Hybrid vehicle maintenance near you

Heading out on a road trip? It would be best if you had everything under control. And the first thing to do is make sure your hybrid is ready, which can be done with our hybrid maintenance services to avoid any hassles along the way.

ASG is one of the most reputable, reliable, and professional automobile maintenance shops in the region. We can do hybrid car maintenance in Indianapolis that encompasses all your vehicle’s needs, from transmission replacement to brake repairs and battery services. Our team has years of experience with hybrids and EVs.


We are dedicated to providing unrivaled service and always put the needs of our customers – yours – first. We believe your driving experience is just as important as the quality of work performed on your hybrid.

Top reasons to choose ASG as your shop for hybrid maintenance in Indianapolis

Hybrid automobiles are gaining popularity in Indianapolis and nationwide due to the efficient combination of electric and gasoline-powered engines. In Indianapolis, ASG is one of the most trusted names in hybrid maintenance services. Whether you need to inspect the gasoline engine or electric motor or check other parts of your hybrid to ensure everything is functioning properly, we will do the job expertly and expeditiously. 

Here’s a list of reasons more and more of Indy’s drivers are using ASG as their Hybrid repair shop:

  1. The team at ASG is so confident in getting the job done that we provide a 4 year, 48,000 mile warranty for hybrids that have been serviced, which is unprecedented for Indianapolis!
  2. We never try to upsell hybrid vehicle maintenance as an extra job to make money. Our customers know that if we recommend a job or service, your car really needs it so that you can drive it trouble-free.
  3. You can use a budget-friendly car rental service with ASG (or request a tow if you need it) to continue to get around Indy while your hybrid is in the shop.
  1. Our experienced service advisors are here to explain every step of servicing your hybrid, so you never feel unsure or overwhelmed.

Don’t let hybrid car maintenance costs dictate your decision

Because hybrids are more fuel-saving than conventional cars, hybrid maintenance costs are rarely a nuisance. In addition, the experts at ASG believe that servicing your hybrid shouldn’t cost you the Earth. Choosing us for your maintenance needs, from basic maintenance to more complex reconditions, is the best way to save money. We offer affordable hybrid maintenance rates and can quickly diagnose and fix whatever keeps your vehicle from its best performance. 


Don’t wait until your car has a problem on the road. Contact us now to schedule your hybrid for low-cost preventive maintenance. 

And if you just need some helpful advice, we always stand by to assist!