Authorized Tesla repair shop for your EV

Buying a Tesla is like becoming the owner of an exotic animal. This car is neither cheap nor tolerates careless Tesla servicing and repairs. Without an authorized place to look after your EV, you will be unable to install original panels or other parts and even get your car inspected without violating the warranty. It has to be Tesla-certified to do bodywork, checks, and fixes.

So, if you are a proud owner of a Tesla, you should not wait to find a top-rated Tesla service center. ASG Automotive can become the one for you! Our specialists have completed the necessary number of training hours required by Tesla to service the brand’s EVs.

We can provide a complete service, including bodywork, battery inspection, and part replacement. Call (317) 826-2906 or make your way to 5841 Thunderbird Road, Indianapolis. We would be happy to answer any questions regarding your Tesla and give a helping hand to service it.

Tesla car repairs near me – When quality is vital

Finding a repair shop that satisfies Tesla’s quality requirements can be challenging. It is even more complicated when your Tesla needs some part replaced. Despite obligatory certification and training, mechanics should have experience repairing and servicing premium EVs to do things right and not treat your car as a guinea pig. At the same time, doing any job on Teslas is not a walk in the park, so skills and dexterity are also crucial.

By choosing ASG Automotive as your authorized Tesla repair shop, you protect yourself from the following issues:

  • Lack of experience and training among mechanics
  • Uncertain outcomes
  • The inner voice telling you that your EV may fail at any time due to negligence
  • Wasted time and money

Besides, you will not have to pay twice for the same job or risk violating the warranty. The ASG Automotive team has got you covered for safe and affordable Tesla repairs of any complexity.

Bring your EV for Tesla repairs in Indianapolis

If you fancy performance, eco-friendly driving styles, and comfort, your Tesla is the best match for you. Let us maintain its ‘Best’ title here in Indianapolis. 

You must be tired of googling for certified Tesla repair shops near you, but we can help you want to stop it. Our technicians can resolve any Tesla problem, be it misaligned wheels, a quickly draining battery, or electronics issues. Additionally, we keep repair costs for Tesla models in the lowest range, as we understand that owning an EV is more expensive than driving a regular car. However, if you stick to scheduled maintenance and use highly professional services, you should not have that sticker shock with your Tesla.