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What should you do when something is wrong with your vehicle, and you need to get a professional mechanic to have a look at it? No, it’s a bad idea to stop by all car repair shops in Indianapolis to see whether their service is good enough for you. Instead of wasting your time, bring your vehicle to ASG. That’s where all cars are provided with special attention at the highest ASE level.

We’ll service your car or truck the way we’d want our vehicles to be serviced. The dedication of our technicians knows no bounds as we do under-the-hood inspections, complex engine repairs, preventative maintenance, or simple oil changes. We’ve been doing that since 1998 – all while breathing new life into vintage cars and taking care of modern vehicles.

Avail yourself of a complete range of auto repair services at ASG

We can handle any car job. Need a quick suspension fix? Want to get your braking system adjusted? Though vehicle problems may be aplenty, there’s one Indianapolis car service center to visit to sort them out – ASG.

Our auto maintenance shop is one of a few in the state where both European and Asian vehicles can be repaired. We pride ourselves on having a team of knowledgeable and thoroughly trained mechanics from Indianapolis who can handle a breakdown no matter the car’s make.

Here are some of the vehicle brands we cover at ASG: 

We aim to get the job done quickly on your car so that you can pick it up on the same day you drop it off. But significant issues may take longer to diagnose and fix. If one of those happens to your set of wheels, we can provide a rental for you at a price exclusive to ASG customers.

You can also count on ASG for:

  • around-the-clock towing service
  • a drop box available in off-hours
  • accurate car repair and maintenance estimates

Choose ASG for automobile repairs in Indianapolis to patch up your car’s ailments. All drivers who come to our shop know they pick up safer, faster, and more fuel-efficient vehicles after our technicians do their job.

Give your vehicle the maintenance it deserves at our auto repair shop in Indianapolis

At ASG, we have a strong belief that each car, no matter its year made, brand, or current state, should get the proper maintenance. By doing a regular check-up of the suspension, brake pads, lighting, electrical, and conditioning systems, you will significantly extend the life of your vehicle, ensuring its smooth operation. 

We’re against DIY car repair as our experience has shown us that it may end up with even more serious breakdowns. Without a mechanic qualification and the proper diagnostic equipment, you will hardly fix the issue. That’s why you better entrust your vehicle repair to proven experts. If you reside in Indianapolis, our mechanics will take care of all your maintenance issues. Just specify the breakdowns we need to cover, get a clear-cut quote, then tell us where and when we can pick your car off, and allow us from a few hours to a few days to get it fixed. The repair time will depend on the breakdown complexity, the inventory of the required spare parts, and our current workload. 

Are you still doubting whether ASG is the auto repair shop in Indianapolis you can fully trust? Well, then the next offer is for you! We offer a one-of-a-kind service warranty for 4 years or 48,000 miles. No other car repair shop can promise you that. 

Want your vehicle to be in tip-top condition? Then go ahead and schedule an appointment with our professional and dedicated staff. 

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Professional Car Services Since 1998

When you walk into ASG Automotive you will be greeted by a friendly face, knowledgeable staff and certified top notch technicians. We offer the best warranty in the city on all of our repairs! We stand behind our work.We are just a bunch of guys that LOVE to work on cars! We know that sounds a little cliche’, but it is true.

We love to work on cars so much that we typically have a project or two that the shop is working on. Usually classic cars that go back decades – or maybe even a tear down of a customer’s car that we literally take TOTALLY apart, and recondition…better than new!
We believe in our work so strongly, you have our promise that you will be able to drive 48 months or 48,000 miles on the repairs we make for you!

If you are in for a prolonged repair, feel free to ask us to set up an Enterprise Rent a Car for you for as low as $20 a day! Need a tow, we can do that too!

Finally, we believe that you deserve a clean, hospitable waiting room. We have free Wi-Fi for your iPad, laptop or cell phone; we even have a computer set up for you to check your email or edit a document while you wait on your oil service.
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We Offer a Complete Diagnostic for Your Car

For your car we will do everything – advice, repairs and maintenance. We are the preferred choice by many car owners because our experience and knowledge is self-evident.

Indianpolis Auto Repair
Indianpolis Auto Repair

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Ask us to set up an Enterprise Rent a Car for you for as low as $20 a Day!

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