Lincoln repair shop that can save the legacy of your Lincoln

Lincoln cars have long been synonymous with a driving experience Americans admire. They’ve graced the roads as symbols of a new vehicle culture while turning heads with amazing exterior features. However, the Lincoln brand has come under fire for reliability issues in recent years. The complaints have primarily arisen from recurrent problems and the unavailability of authentic parts at Lincoln mechanic shops.

It’s time to set the record straight. While some concerns about the reliability of Lincoln may be partially valid, plenty of grumbling stems from one critical thing: neglecting proper maintenance. Do it right with ASG to revive your Lincoln’s glory and make sure your high-mileage or new car is dependable!

Lincoln mechanic near me in Indianapolis

We respect the unique charisma and engineering brilliance that define Lincoln vehicles. As a specialized auto shop for Lincoln maintenance and repairs, we are committed to bringing out the best in your car while taking care of some of America’s most popular Lincoln models:

  • Navigator. If you are unhappy with the drivability of your luxury SUV or planning maintenance, ASG has been working on Navigators for years. We can instantly address concerns like transmission shuddering, battery drain, and mechanical issues.
  • Aviator. Protect your turbocharged SUV’s performance with ASG’s service for battery tune-ups, tire rotations, and steering adjustments to keep you soaring on American roads smoothly.
  • Continental. If you own this pinnacle of luxury, you can’t settle for anything that’s not a specialized Lincoln auto repair facility. Our mechanics are here in Indianapolis to go beyond the surface to fix your sedan’s transmission problems, electrical system malfunctions, and other woes.

We can handle Lincoln’s other models, too. Whether you have recently bought it or have already notched up 300K in mileage, your car is best serviced at ASG.

Unleash the potential of your Lincoln

ASG’s commitment to Lincolns goes beyond routine maintenance. We are equipped and certified to enhance your driving experience by doing top-notch Lincoln automotive repairs in Indianapolis. If your vehicle underperforms, don’t wait to restore its potential.

ASG’s mechanics have received ASE certification to be entrusted with repair jobs like:

  • Suspension system – If your tires, shock absorbers, or steering are the cause of your distress, trust ASG’s experts to diagnose and resolve the issue.
  • Engines and batteries – We can dive deep into diagnostics to pinpoint and fix anything that takes away from the performance of your engine or battery.
  • A/C woes – Stay cool and comfortable in your Lincoln. We’ll have you breezing through every journey so you can drive without sweating.
  • Fuel system – Let us perform Lincoln auto repairs that can safeguard the long-term health of your engine and help you save on tank refills. 
  • Less intensive jobs – ASG handles the basics, too. From spark plug replacements to brake inspections and fluid level checks, we will do it accurately and promptly.

Let’s underpin the craftsmanship behind your Lincoln. Say goodbye to concerns about Lincoln repair costs and component unavailability!