Cabin Air Reasonably priced cabin air filter replacement near me

Did you know that your car’s HVAC system comes with an air filter that is similar to the engine air filter? What an air filter does for your engine is similar to what a cabin filter does for the HVAC unit. The ventilation system of your car ensures a steady flow of clean air as the filter prevents the entry of dust,dirt and alergies. If you want to keep the air inside your vehicle fresh and healthy, consider going for routine cabin air filter maintenance. At ASG Automotive, we know how to carry it out expertly.

It is easy to overlook car cabin air filter repairs. You may unknowingly pay a higher cost for that ignorance by risking your health and safety when behind the wheel.

Our ASE-certified technicians can get to the root cause of your poorly functioning air filter and fix it before it becomes a bigger headache. Book your appointment today!

Four reasons why auto cabin air filter replacement is important

Most car owners make the mistake of ignoring key vehicle components when it comes to servicing recommendations. The cost of cabin air filter repairs is minimal compared to the problem you might face in the future. Here are four reasons why you should consider changing your air filters frequently:

  1. To minimize pollution. The air filter is a barrier between the interior air of the car and the exterior air of the road. It blocks dirty exhaust and smoke let out by other cars. When you regularly maintain or replace your air filters, you save yourself from undesirable pollutants entering your vehicle.
  2. To avoid allergen buildup. Without the air filter, pollen can make it into your vehicle. The filter drastically reduces the number of allergens, especially during massive pollen seasons. Nobody would want their car to be home for allergies.
  3. To maintain the efficiency of the HVAC system. Over time, air filters get clogged with twigs, leaves, acorns, and other debris. These are detrimental to the efficiency of your car’s HVAC system since it has to work harder to push air through. As a result, you end up with noisy and ineffective air conditioning, which can be a real pain.

Ideally, you should replace filters every 12,000-15,000 miles. The price of cabin air filter replacement is nowhere near what you can save in the long run. We will show you how!

Let us perform maintenance of your cabin air filter in Indianapolis

ASG Automotive brings value in terms of lasting car services. Drop your set of wheels at our Indy-based facility and enjoy the amenities in our waiting room or use our shuttle service.

You are just a call or text away from the best cabin air filter repairs in Indianapolis!

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Corey Johnson
Corey Johnson

5 out of 5 stars

posted 5 months ago

ASG automotive earned my respect as a car repair shop! Took my 2013 Mercedes there after experiencing some drive shaft issues. They took my car in and diagnosed the problem to make sure no further damage was done to the engine and transmission. Service to my vehicle was top notch but the best part was the assurance and honesty from the people that work at ASG. They even took time to follow up with me months after my repair to make sure of quality service. Will be taking my car here for any future repairs or needs!

Kay Morris
Kay Morris

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

When I arrived I was greeted with a smile. Scott reviewed exactly what they would be doing to my car. He said they would then inspect my car for any other issues. He said they would drive it around to make sure work was done. He told me it would take about 2 hours and then told me where I could wait. Scott came in when they were about done and told me what was done and two of the guys drove it around. They brought my car to the front door. Wait time was less than what I was told. My car was completed better than my expectations. Everyone I was in contact with was very friendly and helpful. I will tell others about this place and I will return when needed. Very pleased with the service I received.

Buck Hill
Buck Hill

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

In all the years I have had automotive work, they are the best. I was traveling from South Dakota to Kentucky and had trouble and the took care of me, sent a driver to pick me up when the repairs were completed. If I could I would give 10+ stars. Thanks is not good enough, if you need work on your auto, I would highly recommend them. Thanks again

Derek Speed

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