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Car exhaust system repair in Indianapolis

Indianapolis locals know that ASG Automotive is the leading choice for exhaust system repair. Our team of ASE-Certified and Bosch-Certified auto mechanics have factory grade equipment at their disposal to improve your vehicle’s exhaust system. Because we believe that you should never compromise on the safety and functionality of your car, we only use top quality parts and tools. If you’re looking for a professional grade auto repair shop to bring your vehicle to, ASG Automotive is the place to go.

The functionality of your car’s exhaust system is highly dependent on the health of your engine, along with how clean your exhaust pipes and filters are. Exhaust is the primary by-product of your engine and can become very toxic if not cleared out, or exhausted, correctly and safely. That’s why exhaust system repair is best left to the experts at ASG Automotive. We have the equipment, education, and experience to fix your vehicle’s exhaust system correctly, the first time.

We have experience working with multiple makes and models, such as Mercedes, BMW, Audi, VW, MINI, Land Rover, Jaguar, Lexus, Acura, Honda, Toyota, Hyundai, Kia, Hybrids, and even some light diesel. You’d be hard pressed to find another location in Indianapolis with the tools to perform exhaust repair for such a wide variety of vehicles. Check out what Casey Quella had to say in this 5-star Google Review about his experience with ASG Automotive!

“I went to ASG Automotive to get help with my Chevy Equinox that had been sitting in my garage for a couple years. My Equinox needed a lot of work, they did an assessment on it and gave me a full report detailing things that needed to be fixed right away, things that we could put off for a while, and everything in green was good as is. They took photos of the things that needed repairs which was helpful. I’ve worked with Scott primarily and he’s been very communicative and helpful in explaining everything. I plan on taking my car here for all future repairs, they’re super fast, fairly priced and great to work with.”

It’s easy to see why ASG Automotive is the best option for auto repair and exhaust system repair in Indianapolis. Give us a call, and we can get started on repairing your exhaust system. You can reach us at (317) 826-2906, or come into our auto repair shop located at 5841 Thunderbird Road, Suite 3, Indianapolis, IN 46236. We look forward to seeing you soon at ASG Automotive.

Minor and major exhaust system repairs near me

Your car’s exhaust system is more complex than just a few pipes and a muffler. It includes a catalytic converter, valves, chambers, and multiple other components that are responsible for making your ride smooth, eco-friendly, and quiet. 

To reduce engine noise and emissions, engineers use high-tech computers and laboratories to design and test exhaust systems. So, when you need car exhaust system repairs in Indianapolis, you should make sure your vehicle receives the service on par with that technology. ASG Automotive is your top choice as our specialists have vast experience fixing exhaust-related issues for vehicles of any type and make. 

Depending on the problems with your ride, exhaust system repair costs can vary. A non-certified garage mechanic may be able to get around the noise or power loss issue for relatively little, but you shouldn’t expect the job done to the highest quality standard.

What distinguishes ASG Automotive from those garage specialists is that we perform complete diagnostics and post-repair inspection as part of our warranty-covered service. By identifying minor and major issues and sharing advice on what should be replaced and what can just be serviced, we minimize the car exhaust repair cost for you from the get-go.

We care about any vehicle as if it’s our own. Our expertise, attention to detail, and professional repairs are what you get regardless of the problem your exhaust system comes with. ASG Automotive is waiting for you in Indianapolis to rid your car of exhaust-related issues!

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