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Lightning-fast engine light diagnostics in Indianapolis

Once you see a check engine light blazing orange or red, it’s time to drop your car for a diagnostic service. That flashing may indicate a plethora of serious problems and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Who knows whether something is wrong with your onboard computer, spark plug, or catalytic converter. This nuisance may signal various malfunctions, from minor breakdowns to critical ones. So, make time to get your car for a check engine light diagnostic test at ASG.

Have you just noticed that annoying light and aren’t sure if it’s safe to drive your car? With over 20 years in car service and repairs, we have earned credit from locals and city guests by taking good care of their vehicles. Our technicians are gurus of troubleshooting car issues in no time, and the check engine light is no exception.

Check engine light service near me in 5 steps

If your Mercedes, Infinity, Mazda, Volvo, or whatever you drive has a check engine light, ASG is waiting for you in Indianapolis. To get your auto serviced at the highest level, you need to take just a few steps:

  1. Schedule an appointment. When you see the check engine light in Indianapolis or wherever you are, you may be in trouble. Just select your time to find out what the problem is and get out of it with ASG.
  2. Have your car inspected. Our technicians will take care of your car as if it’s a human. We carry out thorough checks and spot issues before they turn into failures.
  3. Give our team the green light. We never do any repairs before you’re fully aware of the check engine light repair costs and actions to be taken.
  4. Allow a moment for us to fix it. ASG is about super-fast repair services, whether it’s about your engine or onboard computer.
  5. Pick up your vehicle. Our technicians never speculate about time. We realize how crucial it is to be on the go. That’s why your car will be repaired by the time we say from the get-go.

Do you hate long lines and dishonest service for the check engine light in Indianapolis? At ASG, these are never the case.

Checking your vehicle with you in mind

We are a client-oriented repair shop and value your time, money, and convenience. We also offer a cozy waiting space, along with affordable car rentals.

What’s more, we work on numerous car brands and models and provide genuine parts for much less money than you would pay at the official dealership. To back up our words, we have some evidence-based reviews you want to check out.

Have you noticed the blazing flash and are looking for the “engine light check near me”? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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