Mercury repair shop in Indianapolis

Owning a Mercury is one of those things you will want to tell your grandchildren. You will brag about the brand known for its distinctive design, Ford-level dependability, and affordability – the winning combination that makes the best cars. But, as with any automobile, your Marauder, Grand Marquis, Comet, or other Mercury occasionally requires some care that’s best delivered by a dedicated Mercury repair shop.

And you’ve just found it. When your Mercury needs attention, ASG is just one call away to bring our expertise to your service. We are a bunch of hardworking car enthusiasts with ASE-backed skills who can ease the headaches experienced by Mercury owners in Indianapolis and surrounding areas. 

Unbeatable 4/48K warranty for Mercury repairs

When you bring your beloved Mercury to us, you’re choosing technicians who understand your vehicle. It may be old, and there may be parts rarely used today. But we can still take care of it without confusion. 

We offer an unmatched 4/48K warranty on all repairs performed by our certified Mercury mechanics in Indianapolis. This reflects our confidence in what we do and ensures your vehicle remains in prime condition for miles to come.

Plus, we complete most Mercury car repairs without making you wait too long. If the issue is not disastrous, you will likely have your vehicle back on the same day. 

The answer to all your Mercury complaints

Mercury cars often share platforms with their Ford counterparts, making them more accessible to service than you might think. The ASG team can tackle a wide range of issues Mercury owners might encounter, including:

  • Bad ignition coil. It is a terrible idea to keep driving a Mercury if a faulty ignition coil is detected. Replacement is the best strategy for vehicle longevity.
  • Radiator problems. Overheating or leaks? Mercury auto repair jobs related to the radiator can be swiftly completed to ensure the fluids are adequately dispersed and your engine is not in peril.
  • Water pump troubles. That’s another possibility of engine damage. Let us inspect your Mercury’s water pump and replace it if necessary.
  • Engine misfiring. There are many issues that may lead to this. Our diagnostic tools enable us to identify them all and rectify engine misfires on the same day.
  • Suspension system issues. The smoothness of your driving experience can be quickly destroyed by a failing control arm or worn-out shocks. Come to ASG to salvage it.
  • Complex services. Some issues may be harder to identify and fix. But you can also leave them to us, even if your Mercury requires extensive repairs that necessitate an extended stay at ASG.

Mercury maintenance services

If your Mercury drives well, do your part to safeguard its performance. From oil service to filter replacements, ASG welcomes Mercury owners for all their maintenance needs. You will also receive our mechanics’ recommendations concerning the overall health of your car.

Our expertise means no part is left to chance. Turn it to your advantage during routine maintenance or any type of Mercury automotive repairs in Indianapolis.