Kia mechanics in Indianapolis dedicated to your vehicle’s health

Keeping your car healthy and handling the required repairs may be an uphill climb in Indy. If you want to tackle problems more easily, meet ASG, your Kia repair shop committed to providing dependable service for the lifetime of your vehicle.

Whether you are due for new brakes or have seen a sudden drop in your MPG, our technicians can make your vehicle look and feel like it has just left the factory assembly line. We are ASE-certified to do anything your Kia needs.

Warning signs signaling you need Kia car repairs

Don’t lose sleep if your auto starts acting up. If you notice any of these warning signs, it’s best to have it checked at ASG’s Kia auto repair shop in Indianapolis: 

  • Ever-present Check Engine light. This is something every mechanic will tell you. Because this issue indicates the engine sensor has detected a problem, it should be addressed as soon as possible.
  • Warning lights. The worst problems are not always Check Engine-related. Oil, Brake, or Temperature lights can visually tell you to refill fluids or get new components to minimize the possibility of disastrous issues.
  • Rough idling. If your Kia is shaking, vibrating, or stalling unexpectedly at stoplights or while driving, these could be signs of grime-affected fuel injectors, faulty sensors, or engine troubles that require repair.
  • Strange noises. Grinding, squealing, or knocking sounds from under the hood? Bring your car for Kia service and repair. Those sounds are never okay and can mean problems with components like brake pads or transmission.
  • Difficulty steering or handling. If your Kia is pulling to one side, wandering, or vibrating at high speeds, you likely have suspension or alignment issues. They can be corrected by an ASG mechanic.
  • Poor fuel economy. Sharp declines in MPG often imply engine issues, drag from under-inflated tires, or problems with fuel injectors. Don’t pay more at gas stations just because you haven’t had your Kia serviced promptly.

Don’t delay with Kia car repairs if you detect any of these warning signs. Our technicians have the experience, tools, and genuine parts to quickly and safely diagnose and fix it.

How we diagnose and fix issues

All Kia automotive repairs start with an inspection coupled with a consultation. Our experts ask questions to understand your concerns and plan what needs to be done to:

  • Perform diagnostics. We put your car up so our advanced scanning tools have fewer obstacles to detect the root cause of the issue. 
  • Check thoroughly. If computer code diagnostics don’t reveal it, we proceed with physical inspections, including a road test.
  • Conduct effective, long-lasting repairs. Once the cause of your Kia’s troubles is determined, our technicians perform repairs and maintenance.

ASG is always about affordable and manageable Kia repair costs. We never overcharge or perform unnecessary work. Plus, we have a second-to-none 4/48K warranty.

Schedule your next Kia maintenance appointment at ASG. Feel the difference a fully serviced and rejuvenated car can make once you pull out of our Indy shop!