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The ASG Difference

We have a passion for automotive repair. Bordering on a sickness. We love to talk about a 1997 Land Rover Body Control Module and where it is placed in the vehicle (click here to see Facebook Post).

We love to talk to our customers and help with whatever we can. We like to help you with your rental car arrangements (we even have worked out a special arrangement with Enterprise for a special rate for ASG customers!), set up your towing arrangements, and even save you money with our specials! We also are on Facebook and Twitter and love to have fun posting great Automotive info and fun giveaways and savings for Facebook/Twitter followers! We have even tried our hand at a little video or two! Stay up to date with our videos by checking out our YouTube Channel from time to time.

But, most importantly, the biggest thing that makes us special is our customers! We have the best customers that love their cars as much as we do! They understand that maintaining their car saves them money, time and hassles and we love that when we recommend work, they know that we are not trying to “upsell” them or make a “quick buck.” They know that if they maintain their car, they will save money in the long run and have a longer lasting, better running vehicle! We truly believe in honesty and integrity in automotive repair!