Pre-purchase auto inspection near me

Have you found that perfect used car that seems to match your dreams and budget? Before you seal the deal, ask yourself: ‘How well do I really know this vehicle?’ Buying a used auto can be an exciting experience, but it can also come with uncertainty, hidden risks, and the possibility of a rip-off. That’s why a pre-purchase inspection (PPI) should be on the radar of all savvy car buyers like you.

At ASG, we bring peace of mind and clarity to everyone who’s about to get a car. We’ve been in repairs since 1998 and know what to look for when performing a used auto inspection in Indianapolis to ensure the vehicle’s condition is good, the price is fair, and the drivability is unaffected. We’ve acquired a reputation for being reliable ASE-certified inspectors who can help you close the deal with confidence.

Comprehensive vehicle inspection before purchase

ASG doesn’t just examine systems and components. We set the gold standard for pre-purchase vehicle inspection in Indianapolis by balancing comprehensiveness and meticulousness. Our service covers everything from lights and fluid level checks to mechanical assessments using a car lift. If there’s anything you must know about the vehicle you’re going to purchase, we will describe that in your PPI report.

Car valuation

Before putting your hard-earned money on the table, you should know the vehicle’s value. To make sure the seller is not taking advantage of you not being a mechanic, get a PPI at ASG. We will assess the vehicle’s condition in a fastidious manner to determine whether the asking price aligns with the car’s actual worth. No surprises, just clarity.

Identifying the need for repairs

When we inspect a used car, our mechanics are less concerned about the appearance and are more attentive to the reliability of components and systems. ASG’s inspectors dive deep to verify the condition of the battery, engine, transmission, steering, and other vital parts. We will inform you about whether the car has non-OEM components and when you will likely need to bring it for repairs.

Road test

Some issues may not be apparent at first glance, but our mechanics are trained to spot them. We will take the vehicle for a thorough road test during a used car pre-purchase inspection in Indianapolis to assess its performance in real-world conditions. Additionally, we will check for previous accident damage so you have a complete picture of the car’s history.

Your road to confidence starts with ASG

Worry-free vehicle ownership results from having all the information at your fingertips at the negotiating table. A complete car check before buying is the only way to get this information from an independent party.

Don’t take the seller’s word for it when forking out for a used set of wheels. Schedule a PPI after agreeing on a third-party inspection with the current vehicle owner and get an accurate report that will let you know the car better. We can help you take dishonesty and misunderstandings out of the buying process.

Call or text ASG to arrange your PPI.