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Survive high cabin temperatures with ASG’s car air conditioning service

Hot days come with both pros and cons. But if your car A/C blows anything but cold air, the upsides pale into insignificance. The searing heat makes all of us grumpy, especially when your cabin temperature is higher than outdoors. This may deal a devastating blow to your driving experience and comfort, but ASG’s auto air conditioning specialists are here to help you avoid it.

We’re experts in fixing mechanical and electrical A/C problems in Asian and European cars. Once you take your vehicle to our repair shop, our mechanics will perform a complete diagnostic process to pin down what’s wrong with your air conditioner. We’ll find the culprit, be it a broken compressor or wiring problems, and bring a cold breeze back into your cabin.

Auto A/C repair costs at ASG: The comfort you can afford

Our philosophy is that vehicle maintenance, including air conditioning, should carry reasonable price tags. For some, the cost of auto A/C repairs comes down to the cost of a refrigerant refill, whereas it may involve new compressor parts or hoses for others.

For a more accurate estimate, we need to check your A/C first. Bring your car for inspection, whether your cooling system simply fails to cool the interior, operates by fits and starts, or fills your cabin with a musty odor. Enjoy a complimentary refreshing drink in our waiting room while our mechanics assess the problem and carry out vehicle air conditioning repairs if necessary.

We will make your cabin temperature low enough for you and your passengers to beat the heat. You will also get a warranty on everything our mechanics will do for your vehicle so that you’re covered for 4 years/4800o miles or more.

Visit ASG for affordable and quick auto air conditioner repairs in Indianapolis!


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