About Automotive Service Group

We are just a bunch of guys that LOVE to work on cars!  We know that sounds a little cliche’, but it is true.  We love to work on cars so much that we typically have a project or two that the shop is working on.  Usually classic cars that go back decades – or maybe even a tear down of a customer’s car that we literally take TOTALLY apart, and recondition…better than new!

What you will experience when you walk into Automotive Service Group is a friendly face, knowledgeable staff and mechanics and with every repair, a warranty that is second to none in Indianapolis.  We stand behind our work.  We believe in our work so strongly, you have our promise that you will be able to drive 48 months or 48,000 miles on the repairs we make for you!

If you are in for a prolonged repair, feel free to ask us to set up an Enterprise Rent a Car for you for as low as $15 a day!  Need a tow, we can do that too!

Finally, we believe that you deserve a clean, hospitable waiting room.  We have free Wi-Fi for your iPad, laptop or cell phone; we even have a computer set up for you to check your email or edit a document while you wait on your oil change or service. We also, have Netflix on our Roku device so you (or the kids) can find something to enjoy during your wait!