Get your electric vehicle in prime condition with EV maintenance services

Are you afraid that your electric car may suddenly stall on the road? It may sound trite, but regular EV vehicle maintenance is key to keeping it running like new for decades and preventing nasty surprises that can leave you stranded.

Luckily, the team of experienced and certified technicians at ASG have the know-how to provide superior care and peace of mind for your electric vehicle and keep it in mint condition. From scheduled maintenance to battery inspections, we’re here to do jobs on all EV brands, including Tesla.

Professional electric vehicle maintenance in Indianapolis

Like gas-powered cars, EVs must be serviced regularly for you to have trouble-free travel. Depending on the make and model of your electric vehicle, you will need to have it serviced between 2,000 and 10,000 miles. Doing so with certified mechanics is important not just for the longevity of your car but also for your safety. A poorly-maintained EV may be dangerous to drive, increasing the risk of accidents.

We have a penchant for electric vehicle maintenance services here at ASG to ensure your car operates well and you can enjoy safe and worry-free driving for years to come. Our specially trained technicians are no strangers to EVs and maintenance best practices and always use brand-new technologies to inspect your car and identify everything that must or should be fixed, replaced, or improved. 

We feel that preventive maintenance is the best way to avoid repairs that may deal a nasty blow to your wallet and encourage all Indy’s EV owners to schedule routine inspections before they are overdue. This way, you can enjoy:


  • Reduced chance of major repairs down the road
  • Increased vehicle mileage
  • Extended life of your battery

When it comes to EV maintenance, we recommend getting your car inspected and serviced at least once every six months or so. But it doesn’t mean nothing needs to be done in the intervening months. Be sure to keep an eye on: 

  • Your car’s batteries. The high voltage and low voltage batteries have a symbiotic relationship. Your battery cycle and your EV’s overall performance may significantly diminish if you don’t take appropriate measures.
  • Coolant. Maintaining high voltage battery temperature in a relatively narrow range is essential to proper charging and longevity. Dirty or low coolant will reduce your vehicle’s ability to maintain proper temps which can lead to expensive damage. 
  • Braking system. EVs use a regenerative braking system which reduces the use of traditional brakes, however this lack of use can be extremely detrimental. They can seize in place due to corrosion since they are “exercised” way less frequently than a traditional vehicle. Yearly corrosion removal and lubrication is essential to their proper function during a panic stop. 
  • Tires. Electric vehicles are heavier and have much more torque than their equivalent gas or diesel counterparts. This puts much more demand on their tires. The regular rotation and inspection of tires ensures you don’t have to replace them too early.

Electric car maintenance costs in Indianapolis

We focus on top-notch customer service and always do maintenance jobs at competitive rates. Our EV car maintenance costs vary depending on the type of service and electric car model, but at ASG, you can expect an incredible value. We make it easy to get the job done on your vehicle within your budget and can help you plan for any future maintenance needs.

Whether you’re a long-time EV driver or have recently bought your first EV, get in touch with ASG to request more info about electric car maintenance in Indianapolis. We’re here to help you with trouble-free driving!