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Car brake repair service – Safe driving, safe stopping

Have you had to slam the brakes just to slow down your car a bit? Does your vehicle stop with a piercing squeal? A car’s braking system is always a big deal. When it fails to work flawlessly, you may end up on the cusp of a nervous breakdown due to annoying noise or put your and other car owners’ lives at risk. But with ASG’s quick brake service, you can make sure you don’t leave your driving to chance. If your braking system appears to be imperfect, get it inspected at our Indianapolis-based repair shop. We are experts in all major Asian and European vehicle brands to minimize the risk of emergency scenarios on the road. Our mechanics will perform a comprehensive brake system diagnosis for your car using specialized equipment according to ASE requirements. For those who need a tow, we can be of assistance, too. Never drive your car if your brakes fail or otherwise make it hard to operate your vehicle safely.

We can handle all vehicle brake repairs

Most car brake problems occur due to worn-out pads or brake fluids loss and can be handled quickly. But some issues are more severe and call for long-term repairs. At ASG, we specialize in all of them. Be sure to bring your car for our brake service in Indianapolis if:
  • you can feel vibration in the brake pedal
  • the pedal is quite soft when you step on it
  • your vehicle experiences a left or right pull every time you hit the brakes
  • the steering wheel feels shaky
  • the brakes are grinding
ASG can troubleshoot any of these problems. Bring your car for quick brake service and diagnostics and get a warranty for as many as 48 months or 48,000 miles.  
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