Mitsubishi mechanics in Indianapolis

We all love the steady hum of a healthy engine and the powerful squeal of brakes as the car glides down the highway. Sometimes, however, your Mitsubishi may lose it. To rectify that, let a certified
Mitsubishi mechanic inspect your vehicle and do some technical wonders to make it perfect again.

At ASG, our technicians are Mitsubishi fans with years of experience servicing the brand’s city cars and SUVs. From tune-ups to brake jobs and major repairs, you can count on first-class service when you bring your Japanese pride and joy into our auto shop.

Mitsubishi repair shop that is in love with your car

When you get your Mitsubishi to us, you can rest assured it will lack nothing in terms of care. We will give your vehicle our full attention and treat it respectfully. Our technicians stay on top of the latest auto upgrades and recommendations to provide a comprehensive Mitsubishi auto repair service to keep your car running safely and reliably.

Whether it’s brakes, belts, transmission issues, or anything else, our specialists can inspect your car to catch any problems and put them down in a job estimate. Once you review and approve it, our technicians will get started, using high-quality parts specifically designed for your Mitsubishi model.

  • Our high-tech equipment lets us perform multi-point inspections to pinpoint the symptoms of potential problems.
  • Our Mitsubishi auto repair shop in Indianapolis has a complete set of brand-specific tools, software, and parts for a vast range of repairs.
  • Free Wi-Fi, refreshments, and shuttle service are always included to make your time with ASG enjoyable.

We only use original components for repairs or replacements. No fakes will end up in your Mitsubishi.

Mitsubishi maintenance services

While maintenance recommendations may vary from one Mitsubishi model to another, ASG is happy to work on your vehicle whenever it’s time to carry out certain procedures. We can change your oil, inspect the engine, replace filters, and more. Most often, ASG experts perform the following Mitsubishi car repair and maintenance services:

  • Tire rotations. To maximize their life and keep wobbles at bay, we can rotate and balance your tires. Doing this to different positions on the axles is recommended for all vehicles, including Mitsubishi. 
  • Wheel alignments. Your Mitsubishi maintenance may also involve wheel alignments to correct issues like pulling, drifting, and uneven tread wear. This ensures safer driving, improved handling, and longer tire life.
  • Brake inspections. You would never want to ignore your brake pads, rotors, calipers, and other brake components. New parts mean reliable, responsive braking power.

In addition, our technicians can replace filters and refill the fluids according to the recommended service intervals. Moreover, we will inspect spark plugs, electrical systems, suspension, and drive belts while providing a detailed report on the health of your Mitsubishi. We can then make recommendations for necessary repairs or replacements. 

To keep your set of wheels working reliably, schedule an inspection or maintenance service with ASG today. We are waiting for you here in Indianapolis.