Certified EV repair shop near me in Indianapolis

Electric cars are not just batteries assembled with wheels, as they may appear to be from a technical perspective. Sure, an EV does not have a conventional gearbox and combustion engine, but its other components and mechanisms are pretty much the same. Besides, an electric battery needs to be serviced and repaired even more carefully, as voltage and cabling issues may be too dangerous. So, if your EV is in need of electric car repairs in Indianapolis, ASG Automotive is at your service.

We have an advanced facility, fully prepared to service your electric vehicle properly. Our technicians have a soft spot for EVs and use factory-made hardware and proprietary software for any job, be it a major battery fix or standard servicing that may be overdue already.

You can rest assured that nothing is missed when we are on electric vehicle repairs and maintenance, and you will not have nasty surprises down the road. Nobody would want to be stuck in an electric car somewhere without access to necessities, right? To avoid such a nerve-racking possibility, call us at (317) 826-2906 when your vehicle requires services, checks, or fixes. 

One-stop electric car auto shop

While a traditional combustion engine requires standard maintenance procedures like oil and filter replacement and computer diagnostics, an EV battery is a different story. Its condition has to be monitored by a qualified specialist month in and month out, has cooling and filtration systems which require periodic maintenance, and it should be replaced or repaired using manufacturer-approved equipment.

Our electric vehicle mechanics can inspect your battery pack and install current software updates to improve its performance and longevity. Servicing your EV at ASG Automotive is the safest way to boost available mileage and keep an eye on its most important and expensive components. The best thing is that your electric ride is in the hands of certified mechanics who value precision and professionalism.

The motor and battery are only some parts you need to be extra careful with when owning an electric vehicle. Issues often happen with other EV systems and components. Fortunately, ASG Automotive’s specialists can inspect your car for all electric and mechanical problems, including high-voltage cabling issues, worn suspension, and more.

Affordable EV car repairs near me

Being a part of the future of the automotive world is far-sighted, sustainable, and fun. But electric car repair costs may be a kick in the head if you do not service your EV regularly and decide to wait until its major systems fail.The good news is that avoiding that catch-22 is as easy as visiting the best electric vehicle repair and maintenance shop ASG Automotive. We can ensure the safe and smooth operation of your EV and prevent unexpected driving issues or malfunctions.

ASG Automotive’s team is serious about any potential issue, even if it now seems like a problem that can be fixed in a second. We offer comprehensive inspections for all EVs and brands, including Tesla and family-friendly models.