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Keep Your Engine Running Smoothly with Our Engine Diagnostic Services

The Importance of Automotive Engine Diagnosis

Your car’s engine is the heart of your vehicle, and it’s essential to keep it running smoothly. However, even the most well-maintained engines can experience problems from time to time. That’s where our engine diagnostic services come in.

At ASG Automotive, we understand the importance of automotive engine diagnosis. Our team of experienced technicians uses state-of-the-art equipment to diagnose any issues with your engine quickly and accurately.

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What Engine Diagnostic Services Include?

An engine diagnostic service involves using specialized equipment to scan your car’s onboard computer system for any error codes or malfunctions. This process helps identify any underlying issues that may be affecting your vehicle’s performance.

Our team will connect a diagnostic scanner to your car’s computer system and retrieve any error codes that may be present. From there, we’ll perform a thorough inspection of all components related to the issue and provide you with a detailed report on our findings.

Why Is an Engine Diagnostic Service Important?

Regular engine diagnostics services are crucial for maintaining optimal performance and preventing costly repairs down the line. By identifying potential issues early on, you can address them before they become more severe problems that require expensive repairs.

Additionally, if you notice warning lights on your dashboard or unusual noises coming from under the hood, it’s essential to have an engine diagnostic service performed as soon as possible. Ignoring these warning signs could lead to further damage or even complete engine failure.

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How Much Does an Engine Diagnostic Cost?

Engine diagnostic service cost varies depending on several factors such as make and model of your vehicle. At ASG Automotive we offer competitive pricing for our high-quality engine diagnostic services. Contact us today to check engine diagnostic cost for your vehicle!

Our Engine Diagnostic Services

Are you tired of seeing that pesky check engine light on your dashboard? Don’t ignore it any longer! At ASG Automotive, we offer comprehensive engine diagnostic services to help identify and fix any issues with your vehicle’s systems.
  • Fuel System Diagnosis: Is your car struggling to start or experiencing poor fuel economy? Our team can perform a thorough fuel system diagnosis to pinpoint the root cause of these issues. From clogged fuel filters to malfunctioning injectors, we’ll get your car running smoothly again in no time.
  • Ignition System Diagnosis: If you’re experiencing misfires or difficulty starting your vehicle, it could be due to a faulty ignition system. Our expert technicians will use state-of-the-art diagnostic tools to identify any issues with spark plugs, coils, or other components of the ignition system.
  • Emissions System Diagnosis: Modern vehicles are equipped with complex emissions systems designed to reduce harmful pollutants in the air. If you’re failing emissions tests or noticing strange smells coming from your exhaust, our team can diagnose and repair any problems with this critical system.
  • Transmission System Diagnosis: Is your car shifting gears roughly or slipping out of gear altogether? These symptoms could indicate an issue with the transmission system. Our skilled technicians will perform a thorough diagnosis using advanced equipment and techniques to determine if repairs are needed.
At ASG Automotive, we pride ourselves on providing top-notch service for all types of vehicles. Whether you drive a domestic sedan or an imported luxury SUV, our team has the expertise and experience needed to diagnose and repair even the most complex automotive issues. We also provide a detailed report on our findings and recommendations for any necessary repairs or maintenance.
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ASG Automotive – Engine Diagnostics Near Me Indianapolis

When you choose ASG Automotive for your engine diagnostic needs, you can expect:

  • Experienced technicians who are ASE certified.
  • State-of-the-art equipment and technology.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • A commitment to customer satisfaction.
  • A 48-month/48,000-mile warranty on all repairs.

Don’t wait until it’s too late – schedule an appointment with us today for reliable and affordable automotive engine diagnosis in Geist, Noblesville, Fishers, Fortville, McCordsville and other areas of Indianapolis!

Check your car’s health with ASG engine diagnostic service

The check engine light is a wake-up call to motorists. Whether it comes on while you’re driving or trying to start your car, it usually means some malfunction batters your vehicle performance. The hitch is that it’s hard to pinpoint the cause of this malfunction without specialized training and tools. Without them, you never know whether the blinking light signals a faulty ignition coil, emission control system issues, or something else. But you’re in luck with ASG as we can carry out an engine diagnostic test for any car to take the guesswork out of problem diagnosis.

Don’t ignore the flashing engine light. Procrastination can cost you thousands of dollars in repairs that could be avoided. Once you take your car to ASG, our technicians will use engine diagnostic tools and specialized training to let you know all the problems that should be immediately addressed. Getting a fix before one malfunctioning part triggers a domino effect of under-the-hood breakdowns can save you plenty of money.

Let us establish your car’s engine diagnosis and repair plan

ASG diagnostics involves analyzing and interpreting the data from all your car’s sensors to check for what’s weighing on your engine performance. We’ll break down computer codes and test physical parts to give you a clear-cut action plan.

After completing an auto engine check on your car, we will:

  • explain what’s triggered the check engine light and why
  • inform you of what parts need to be repaired or replaced
  • provide you with estimates

We’ll never talk you into having repairs or replacements that aren’t necessary for your engine’s health. Our technicians will only provide diagnostics-based suggestions, and you can decide what to do about them.

ASG is open Monday through Friday and waiting for your car here in Indy. For an engine diagnostic price or other information, go to the contact page.

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