Daewoo car repair and maintenance by seasoned mechanics

You can’t beat Daewoo for budget-friendliness and fuel efficiency. But the best features of your car may take a hit in the face of poor road conditions or with time. So, when your sedan cries out for service, there is only one Daewoo repair center in Indianapolis you want to know – ASG.

We are familiar with every part of your Daewoo and have professional diagnostic and repair tools to keep it operating at its best. Better yet, with our rates and warranty on parts and labor, you will drive away with peace of mind that complements the affordability of Daewoo ownership.

Daewoo auto repair services we specialize in

Genuine parts and quality workmanship are intrinsic to everything we do at ASG. During routine maintenance, our Daewoo mechanics use ASE-certified techniques to spot potential problems and do regular refills and replacements. We keep up with the latest service procedures and technologies to properly inspect your Daewoo and let it roar like new again. 

Regular maintenance aside, we specialize in:

  • Engine diagnostics and repair. If your vehicle’s engine can’t operate without strange noises or loses power during your ride, there’s a high risk that something is wrong. Our technicians are proficient in troubleshooting Daewoo engines and servicing components like the fuel pump, pistons, and sensors.
  • Electrical system repair. Many things may cause difficulties with starting your Daewoo or lowering power windows, but they are most likely to be electrical. ASG is a Daewoo repair shop in Indianapolis that has the know-how to tackle electrical system issues wreaking havoc on your car’s performance or comfort.
  • Brake repair. If you think something is wrong with your brakes, call us immediately. ASG mechanics have replaced hundreds of brake pads, repaired a myriad of calipers, and serviced countless master cylinders so far. Our experts will thoroughly inspect your systems and only replace what’s needed to regain that stopping power.

Are you here for an oil change or emissions test? ASG can do it, too. If it is necessary for your Daewoo, we are delighted to work on it.

What to expect at the ASG Daewoo repair shop in Indianapolis

As soon as you arrive, we will need to clarify what has brought you to ASG. While your auto is in the shop, our technicians perform a complimentary multi-point inspection to check your Daewoo’s health and performance and pinpoint issues you might have overlooked.

Throughout the process, we will update you on your Daewoo maintenance or repair status. You will know exactly what’s being done and the estimated cost.

After completing the repairs, we take your Daewoo for a final test drive to ensure everything is fixed properly. Once you reunite with your car that is functioning smoothly again, you will have ASG’s warranty for everything that has been done to your vehicle.

Stop fretting about warning lights or strange noises under the hood. Schedule your Daewoo car repair appointment, and be sure all fixes are covered for 4 years!