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Five-star car engine service in Indianapolis to keep your vehicle running

If your car engine maintenance never goes beyond changing the oil, you can hardly stave off a complete overhaul. Want to get from point A to point B smoothly? Bring your car to ASG Automotive for full engine service. From diagnostics to maintenance to rebuilding or replacement, we’ve got you covered.

Our ASE-certified auto mechanics are qualified to work with different types of engines. Whether you own a van, crossover, SUV, or any other vehicle, we provide a full range of engine repair services to boost your safety, improve the way your car drives, and ward off costly repairs in the future.

The engine is a sophisticated system of interrelated mechanical elements that work in lockstep. Even the slightest malfunction in one of its parts may trigger a chain reaction and result in a breakdown. But timely diagnostics and repairs at ASG Automotive can save the day.

Engine repair near me: Cost-effective solutions to engine problems

Scheduled maintenance isn’t just another category in your monthly budget. It’s a guarantee you won’t wind up paying thousands of dollars to reanimate your car engine next month.

If you’re not an experienced auto mechanic, you can hardly identify the source of engine failure on your own. But once you notice any change in its performance, stop by ASG Automotive for prompt engine repairs. We can give your vehicle thousands of miles more to go before you have to rebuild or replace the engine.

It won’t take us weeks to check your car and determine whether you can do without engine repair services. When taking a closer look at your vehicle, we’ll watch for:

  • Decreased gas mileage
  • Knocking sound from under the hood
  • Rough idle
  • Poor performance
  • White or black smoke from the exhaust
  • Check engine light
  • Engine odor

If your car stalls while driving or at idle, it’s a big red flag. You should stop driving your vehicle to eliminate further damage down the road. You may even need to book a tow truck to get your car to our Indy repair shop.

All engines are prone to wear and tear. If you drive a car with a substantial number of miles on its odometer, you may notice increased oil consumption, let alone other symptoms like engine power loss and weird noise. If this is the case, engine rebuilding can be a way to prolong your car’s lifespan.

Schedule engine repairs in Indianapolis to accurately diagnose a problem

Once an engine problem arises, you have little time to handle it before it gets out of control. Remember, your car has no self-healing superpowers.

Are you postponing car engine repairs because you’re short of money? ASG Automotive sets the most competitive prices for all the services to assist you before it’s too late.

All our repairs come with a 48-month/48,000-mile warranty so that you can put your mind at ease. Feel comfortable and safe on the roads wherever you go!

To schedule an automotive engine repair service, dial (317) 826-2906.

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