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Transmission Rebuilding

If you are searching for reliable transmission rebuilding in Indianapolis, look no further than ASG Automotive. Our auto mechanics boast a winning combination of passion, decades of experience, and specialized factory equipment. Transmission rebuilding is one of the most complicated auto repairs that can be done on a vehicle, and the team at ASG Automotive is ready to tackle even the toughest challenges.

Craig Douglas, the owner of ASG Automotive, is what you call a fixer. Whether it’s fixing a complex car repair issue or doing a simple auto repair, the end goal is always to help our customers. By fixing your vehicle, we can help someone check one extra chore off their to-do list. Craig has assembled a fantastic team of auto mechanics who share his direction and approach to auto repair, including transmission rebuilding. Each team member is hand picked and thoroughly trained through certification programs, classes, and on the job training. Because of this approach, we can stay ahead of the ever-changing auto industry.

At ASG Automotive, we recognize transmission rebuilding can put a wrench in your plans, which is why we offer a shuttle service and rental cars offered at a competitive price. We also encourage our clients to rest and relax in our waiting room, which is complete with Netflix, free wifi, a restroom, and complimentary beverages. We want to make sure that you can continue with your day while our auto mechanics work on your transmission rebuilding. The wrenches will be in our auto mechanics hands, not in your plans.

We are so proud of the stellar reputation our auto mechanics have earned for transmission rebuilding among Indianapolis drivers. Check out this recent 5-star review from Chris Miller about his experience with ASG Automotive:

“ASG Is very professional and honest. I had no idea what the problem with my truck was when I took it in. They could have charged me anything they wanted, but they were honest and fixed it fast (same day) at a good price. I will definitely be using ASG for future auto repairs and I would recommend them to anyone for their auto repair needs.”

It’s easy to see why ASG Automotive is the leading choice for transmission rebuilding Indianapolis. Give us a call, and we can get started on your auto repair. You can reach us at (317) 826-2906, and our auto repair shop is located at 5841 Thunderbird Road, Suite 3, Indianapolis, IN 46236. We look forward to seeing you soon at ASG Automotive. Thanks for choosing us!

Transmission rebuild costs vs. New transmission costs

A transmission rebuild is ASG’s service of choice for budget-conscious drivers who struggle with transmission issues. The cost of transmission repairs and part replacement is lower than investing in a new transmission system and waiting until it’s sourced, assembled, and installed. 

Imagine this: if there’s a clutch problem exacerbated by deposits accumulated in your transmission, you can opt for rebuilding or a new system. In this case, a rebuild will involve a complete flush and, likely, a clutch replacement while leaving the “healthy” components of your transmission as they are. The whole rebuild may cost a few hundred dollars, whereas installing a new transmission requires an investment of thousands of dollars.

However, when the days of your automatic or manual transmission system are numbered, a replacement may make more sense than rebuilding if the latter looks like a Band-Aid to a complex problem. ASG professionals are explicit about which service is best for your car and can perform a rebuild or replacement here in Indianapolis.

The best service for transmission rebuild in Indianapolis

A transmission rebuild isn’t something you would let any mechanic do on your car. It’s an intricate process and should only be done by dependable specialists backing up their efforts with a service warranty.

At ASG, all car transmission repairs and other upgrades involved in the rebuilding process qualify for our 4-year warranty. Whether it’s a clutch, gasket, or cleaning job, you know you’re getting the service by the highest performance standards.

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