The leader in Chevrolet maintenance and repairs since 1998

Chevrolet cars have been out there for decades, and so has ASG. Our experience as a Chevy repair shop is a boon for vehicle owners who prefer this brand for reliability.

From the iconic Silverado 1500 to sleek sedans, Chevrolet cars have earned their place in the hearts of drivers nationwide. However, owning a dependable Chevy doesn’t mean maintenance schedules can be ignored, and repairs can be done in an amateurish way. That’s how you can jeopardize the long-term health of your vehicle and put your safety on the line.

The ASG team is ASE-certified and has been performing minor and major Chevy auto repairs in Indianapolis since 1998. We keep our fingers on the pulse of what is introduced in new Chevrolet vehicles and are armed with the expertise required by ASE to deliver the best service. This involves getting a grasp on the uniqueness of each Chevy model and receiving appropriate training every year.

What ASG can do for you as your Chevrolet mechanic?

Does your 4×4 vibrate so fiercely that you can’t stop lamenting your ride? Is there a recurrent engine control module issue? Does your Chevy feel sluggish when you hit the pedal? 

Our mechanics can look into the issue and figure out how to get rid of it. Whether the task is as straightforward as an oil change or as intricate as extensive Chevrolet car repairs, we are fully prepared to handle it with finesse and advise you on how to avoid similar problems in the future.

It’s not uncommon to see ASG’s specialists working on:

  • Silverado. Known for its massive driving power and bed capacity, this rugged truck deserves top-notch care once issues are identified. The Silverado often falls victim to malfunctioning knock sensors and the ‘death wobble,’ which can be easily fixed at ASG.
  • Impala. Your Impala may take a hit in the form of rough shifting, abnormal oil consumption, or diminished power steering. If this is the case, there’s no faster way to deal with the problem than with our mechanics.
  • Equinox. While Chevrolet’s SUV is a fantastic car overall, Equinox owners often turn to ASG to overcome transmission issues, brake problems, and defective batteries. And we can’t say no to them, no matter how urgent the required Chevy car repairs are.

Guaranteed dependability and convenience

When bringing your Chevy to an auto shop, you want to obtain long-lasting assurance. Well, that’s a part of ASG service and the philosophy of all our Chevrolet mechanics in Indianapolis. If we work on your vehicle, this is done within the coverage of our exclusive 4/48K repair warranty, which extends our commitment to your satisfaction. All our jobs stand the test of time and mileage!

Sure, some Chevrolet auto repairs may require more time than you have to spare. For your convenience, ASG has partnered with Enterprise to offer exclusive rental options at just $20 per day for vehicle owners leaving their cars at ASG for time-consuming jobs. Our goal is to keep you mobile and minimize any disruption to your daily routine.