Dodge repairs near me in Indianapolis

Timely repairs and maintenance are the lifeblood of your Dodge’s show-stopping performance. Despite being so boxy that it seems nothing can leave a scar on them, Dodge cars are like all vehicles. The way they go depends on how well-maintained your set of wheels is. And that’s something a Dodge auto mechanic can guarantee.

We view Dodge cars as some of the most trusted companions on the road. They are an immense source of pride for their owners and a slice of American muscle and power in the driveway. The only caveat is that your Dodge can live up to its potential as long as you take Dodge maintenance seriously.

At ASG, we take it seriously. Caring for your Dodge to ward off nasty surprises is our mission, which we undertake with full responsibility.

Dodge models we service

Whether you drive a muscular beast or a more comfort-inspired car, we will pamper it with love and professionalism at our Dodge repair shop in Indianapolis. ASG mechanics are no strangers to:

  • Dodge Charger. A nod to America’s automotive excellence, the Charger requires the high competence of ASG mechanics to support and nourish its high performance.
  • Dodge Durango. If you are a fan of the brand’s family-friendly vehicles, we can bring your Durango to the top safety and comfort level.
  • Dodge Challenger. Balancing an iconic design and a whopping amount of horsepower, the Challenger thrives under the care of our ASE-certified specialists.

Do you own a different Dodge model? Don’t worry. Drive or tow it to ASG for a professional check-up or repairs.

What goes into a basic check-up

A check-up is the first thing we do as part of Dodge maintenance. It is usually recommended for a recently purchased set of wheels, a Dodge that hasn’t undergone inspections in a while, or a car experiencing issues.

Here’s what ASG professionals will do during a check-up:

  • Inspect your engine and check if there are any performance red flags
  • Ensure your brakes are okay
  • Check all essential fluids
  • Examine your tires and measure tread depth for each
  • Run high-tech diagnostic scans

It’s all about making sure your Dodge is tip-top and planning maintenance jobs if it isn’t. 

More serious Dodge auto repairs

Transmission problems, electrical quirks, suspension hiccups – you name it. Our Dodge repair services range from mitigating EGR valve issues and premature rotor wear to replacing defective TIPMs and fixing alternators.

We can also ride to the rescue if your Dodge has suffered damage from reckless driving or an accident. We even have a towing service you can use to bring it to the ASG Dodge repair center in Indianapolis.

Why choose ASG

  • Since 1998. Get your Dodge serviced by those who have over two decades of Dodge expertise.
  • ASE certification. Our mechanics are experts in their field and work diligently to deliver top-notch service.
  • No surprises. ASG is synonymous with transparency. Get a free quote before Dodge car repairs so you’re in the loop.
  • 4/48K warranty. If it’s done by ASG specialists, it’s guaranteed with our second-to-none coverage.
  • Rentals for $20. Need a ride while we pamper your Dodge? Rent an Enterprise car for only $20.

ASG can keep your Dodge running like a dream!